How to Make Your Outdoor Cat a Happy Indoor Cat


Daisy, my beloved cat – she’s crazy!  At six pounds 4 ounces, 11 years, beautiful thick, dark brown, long hair and stunning green eyes she has put more lines in my face and worry in my heart than any pet I’ve raised. And Iv’e had dozens of furry pets. I’ve always been sucker for cuddly […]

Mediterranean Meals: More Than Just Olives


Although popular conception would have you believe that the vaunted Mediterranean diet mostly consists of olive oil and vegetables, in reality, it also involves a lot of pastured eggs and dairy. What self-respecting Greek would be without her feta cheese? Or halloumi or kasseri? Then there’s the whole extra-thick, double-strained yogurt that has caught on […]

The Beauty of Green


There’s a lot to love about hearty greens: they don’t bruise easily, they last for up to a week in the fridge, and they’re good in everything from stews to stir-frys.  (Coconut-creamed spinach has become a recent food fav of mine.)  Perhaps the best thing about hearty greens, though, is that they’re so dang interchangeable. […]

Different and Delicious- Healthy Winter Salads


Living in the Midwest makes eating salad in the months after the first frost until April or so a particular challenge, combined with the fact that many times when I get home from work, I don’t want to eat cold food. To top that off, being vegan, making a main course can be a challenge […]