Transforming A Cheese Plate Into A Scone


Sweet and savory have always been the ying and yang of the food world. Any self-respecting cheese plate, for example, is going to offer a few sweet tidbits of fruit alongside the salty cheeses. Nuts often go hand-in-hand with fruit, too – even though nuts aren’t as salty as your typical cheese, the rich, full […]

An Herb Gardeners Muffins


If you have some oddball herbs growing in your garden and you don’t quite know what to do with them, make savory muffins!  Chopped fresh herbs will retain more of their flavor when you bake rather than sautée them, and really, any fresh herb works in a muffin setting.  I chose a combination of lemon […]

Celebrating Summer with a Cool Green Dip


Savory dips are just about the most versatile thing you can make, because not only can a neverending variety of items be considered dippables, the dip itself can become a sauce if you thin it a little bit and then toss it with pasta, whole grains, meat, you name it.  Or you could thin it […]