A 10 Year Old’s Yoga Party-For Life!


I haven’t done the “kid thing” in years. Yet, I love kids and look forward to a gaggle of grandchildren running around me. Hopefully sooner than later! When a girlfriend called to ask if I would be interested (willing is more like it) in teaching a yoga class to a group of 10-year-old girls for […]

EXPOSURE 2013: Women’s Skateboarding Sponsorship


I need your help to raise funds & awareness for my event! EXPOSURE is a benefit event that not only provides a much-needed avenue for pro and amateur female skateboarders to excel but this year has partnered with The Community Resource Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3),that raises money for victims of domestic violence. We encourage girls […]

Break the Rules of Gender Stereotypes


Much has been said of late about gender stereotyping, especially with the launch of Lego’s new line of products aimed at the girl market, Lego Friends.  I am one who doesn’t get it. Why do we need pink Legos? Why do we need preformed beauty shops and pink ovens for baking cupcakes? Can’t a child, […]

Discover Your Style: Mini Workshop For Girls


Who should come? High-school girls, ages 14-18, who want to meet and connect with other teen girls in the community and talk about all matters of life, love, and happiness. What will we do? We will watch videos, listen to music, and create art about ourselves, our friends and families, our dreams, and the world. […]

Take A Stand Against The New York Times


Tuesday was International Women’s Day, a day to reflect on the historic struggles and triumphs of women as well as to bring an awareness to the plight and oppression of women around the globe. I’m sure on tonight’s national news broadcasts in the US, there will be focus on the horrific living conditions and daily […]