Recipes of the Week: Summertime Snacks!


Summertime Shrimp Summertime just calls out for shrimp. And corn. And you can cook them both in the same pot! Fresh ears of corn only need three minutes of cooking time — any more than that, and they’ll be mushy instead of appealingly crisp. That three-minute window is perfect for shrimp, too, although you may […]

Need Flavor? Try DIY Herbing!


‘Tis the season for fresh herbs! Whether you grow them or buy them, herbs are a quick and easy way to add pizzazz to your summer dishes. Just snip the leaves with a pair of kitchen shears or mince them with a sharp knife – you generally want to avoid using the stems since they […]

An Herb Gardeners Muffins


If you have some oddball herbs growing in your garden and you don’t quite know what to do with them, make savory muffins!  Chopped fresh herbs will retain more of their flavor when you bake rather than sautée them, and really, any fresh herb works in a muffin setting.  I chose a combination of lemon […]

Getting a Jump on Fresh Herbs


Although I normally steer clear of fish on’s “avoid” list, if skate shows up at my local fish market, I sometimes buy it.  (I actually hadn’t realized skate was on the “avoid” list until after I’d made this dish.)  It tastes a lot like scallops, which is a bonus for me since scallops are […]