Mr. Fifty Shades Anyone? Guys: How To Get Noticed At Night


No one will ever know the true identity of Christian Grey, (Mr. fabulous Fifty Shades of Grey) or Gideon Cross (Mr. even more good looking – if possible, Bared To You). If I had to pick either one of them out in a crowd, I would be looking for the guy that Lena was eyeing […]

20 Small Actions to Create a Fit Environment


I’ve learned, in the last seven years of getting fitter each year (from a really bad starting point), that when it comes to getting in shape, your environment is everything. Small things I’ve done to change my environment make my life set up for getting fitter, slowly, gradually, but surely. Consider two scenarios: 1. Person […]

I Want To Be Fit For My Future – Do You?


I always talk about goals I want to make to be healthier but never seem to get around to them. I always marvel at blogs of healthy and fit girls that just seem to glow with happiness. I start to eat healthier or work out more for a few days then always end up getting […]

Saving Money By Staying Fit


How getting heathy today, saves money in the long run. According to a study conducted by the Research Triangle Institute and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the medical costs of complications related to obesity is over $147 billion a year. This includes fees paid for by Medicare, Medicade, drug prescriptions and private insurers. […]