IMPORTANT- The Boy Who Cried Wulf: What About Compounded Medication Safety In Our Society?


(This is a rebuttal to Dr. Wulf Utian’s blog on the American Nurse Today website reprinted above. This post was co-written by myself and my colleague Dr. Erika Schwartz.) It is important to state that compounded medications are ubiquitous in our health care system. Intravenous therapies, pain medications, chemotherapeutic agents, asthma medications, and even orange […]

Big Pharma Cartel Busted


The headline from Reuters read, “Merck was ordered to pay $321 million in Vioxx probe,” (Reuters 4.26.10). The article states, “A Boston federal judge sentenced Merck & Co. to pay a $321 million criminal fine for improperly marketing its Vioxx painkiller a decade ago.” Big Pharma pleaded guilty to having illegally promoting Vioxx for the […]

New Website Worthwhile to Check Out to Research Personal Experiences with Medicines


I am excited about a new searchable medical database called:  They offer objective patient reports by putting patient experiences at your fingertips.  They identify, map, organize and analyze all medical user-generated content that is available online.  They then use their magic to convert these patient reports into actionable insights about medications.  They have indexed […]

The Business Of Water


As consumers, learning about our drinking water can be overwhelming. The business of water has perplexed many consumers who are wanting only what is best for themselves and their families. Most of us don’t have any idea of how water makes its way to our faucet and to bottles. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, […]