Acrylamide – Know About What Potato Chips and Fries Do To Us


According to Dr. Ben Kim, a Holistic Practitioner in Canada that I follow, this nasty compound called Acrylamide is found in so much of what we eat. He pointed out that after studying the story regarding Dan Gorske, the man who ate only McDonalds for one year, that was particularly interesting is that he almost […]

Fat In Foods: 7 Eats With More Fat Than A Stick Of Butter


“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” — Jim Rohn You wouldn’t sit down to dinner at your favorite restaurant and order a stick of butter a la carte. You’re too smart for that — you know there’d be lots of calories and little nutrients and, most of all, lots […]

I Resolve To Stop Eating Foods That Contain MSG


As we merge into 2011 most people will be making New Year’s resolutions that they are hoping will improve their lives if they stay focused and not break what they resolve to do. Some will simply not bother knowing that they never keep their resolutions anyhow so it’s just a waste of time to make […]