Too Much Of A Good Thing: From EXERCISE TO EMERGENCY!


Is there such thing as too much exercise? Let’s explore the fine line between a healthy habit and a deadly obsession. Kristin Seifried hit the gym after dinner. The young man at the front desk greeted her by name, gave her a big grin, and commented that she was their “best client.” Seifried was there […]

Taking A Healthy Behavior To An Unhealthy Extreme! Exercise Bulimia: How Much is Too Much?


After years of micromanaging calories, an ELLE editor reconsiders her eating and exercise habits What do you mean I can’t run the stairs anymore?” I asked, confused. The girl with the clipboard shrugged: “I guess the neighbors complained and…” Before she could finish, I set out to find someone superior–someone with a headset or a […]

Anorexia * Bulimia * Binge Eating Disorder * Exercise Bulimia


An Ugly Midlife Crisis for Women More middle-age women are seeking treatment for anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating disorder then ever before, especially in our community.  You starve yourself, proudly dropping pounds, losing inches, and it feels too good to ever stop. Or, you eat whatever you want, more than you want, until you feel like your […]