End Emotional Eating


“There aren’t enough cookies in the world to make you feel loved and whole.” -Michael Neill, the world famous lifestyle “supercoach”. What Is The Problem? We have all done it. We’ve eaten when we shouldn’t. There can be lots of reasons why we’ve sat down at the kitchen table to eat something (sometimes not even […]

Ayurveda At Home: Watching Your Weight During The Holidays


In Ayurveda, not only is eating in accordance with your constitutional type important, but developing balanced behavioral tendencies surrounding food can be the most valuable tool to understanding nutrition and controlling weight. Your yoga practice will help you effortlessly bring mindfulness to your eating habits and improve your relationship with food. During the holidays, it seems we are bombarded […]

Change or Transformation?


From the outside looking in, change my seem easy. However, change implies a forced state of being, with often short term results. Change often works from the outside in–perhaps a dietary regimen as a means to heal your food issues. A food plan works on the physical being, with no attempt to uncover the emotion […]