Roasted Garlic: A Gift from the Culinary Gods


Roasted garlic is the perfect example of how one inexpensive ingredient can become an unbelievably flavorful gourmet-level ingredient. All you need is 45 minutes of hands-off time and a little bit of knowledge. And a sheet of aluminum foil. After you’ve roasted your garlic, you can use it immediately or keep it in the refrigerator […]

What To Do With Green Tomatoes


Got some green tomatoes still clinging to the vine? Or maybe you’re like me and you’ve got a bag of them sitting in your kitchen. Now that we’re firmly in fall, we can only pluck the last of what’s in our gardens and hope that whatever still needs to ripen ripens indoors. In my case, […]

Bringing Home the Non-Messy Baked Bacon


Yesterday, I raided my garden and pantry for what turned out to be one of the tastiest and easiest dishes I’ve made in a while. It was all the more stunningly easy because of its main flavor: bacon. Yep. Completely non-messy, completely crispy, completely delicious. If you start with bacon from pastured hogs (which has […]

You Can’t Go Wrong With Roasted Eggplant


Like Spanish tapas, the Arabic tradition of mezze involves small dishes that are hugely flavorful. Most are very simple to prepare – in fact, there are plenty of single-ingredient mezze, like the olives pictured here. There are also two- and three-ingredient small dishes that just involve a bit of spice or oil added to the […]

Double Header on the Barbecue! Barbecued Black Bean Tofu Burritos and Barbecued Eggplant Sandwiches


Although barbecue is notoriously not vegan friendly, there are so many delicious vegan foods that can be made on the barbecue. Although barbecuing uses charcoal, grilling outdoors saves the sweat and energy of cooking inside, and it also tastes great! In this post, I’ll share with you two recipes, one adapted from Robin Robertson’s new […]