Layne Sakwa for Circuit Judge


Circuit Judges are Called Trial Judges for a Reason-They try cases. If you or a family member are before the Circuit Court, whether it’s a dispute or as a victim of crime, you need a judge who is not just finding their way around the courtroom. Layne Sakwa works with families in Oakland County courtrooms […]

The Fat Diaries: l Miss My Food Pyramid


When I was a kid, the PE teacher used to give us lectures on health.  PE class was always a trial for me. I was one of those kids who was always on the sidelines, clutching my inhaler like it was a magic talisman against jarred fingers and rug-burn. Needless to say, the teachers always […]

Victory Over Violence: Why I Work In The Violence Against Women Field


On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked our country and the twin towers came tumbling down. At almost that same time, a terrorist disguised as my daughter’s boyfriend/fiancé, began attacking her sense of security and our family’s towers of strength and peace came crashing down. Even after twenty years in full time ministry, numerous encounters of […]

Time To Mobilize And Take Action!


Making fun of violence is unacceptable and it is time that we let advertisers know that we are not going to accept their fun and games. Virgin Mobile’s current advertising campaign makes light of stalking and the use of technology to assist one in stalking. It is inappropriate and irresponsible. This is an opportunity for […]