Fashion Star, Instant Gratification


“You can be a wanna be or an about to be.” –John Varvatos I just watched the premier of Fashion Star. Have you seen their print and media advertisements? They’ve been running for what feels like, forever…and now I understand why. Immediately after watching each episode, viewers can buy the styles that ‘won.’ Therefore, the […]

An Inside Look At A Custom Dress


From what I’ve heard, the only occasion in which a woman would think to have a custom dress made, would be for something truly epic, like her wedding. And why is that? Because you assume it’s ungodly expensive and out of reach? You don’t know where to go? The idea of having something that fits […]

“The Apparel Girl” Lena Piskorowski

Lena Piskorowski

Lena Piskorowski 28 years old Shelby Township, MI resident Owner, personal styling company, DRESS I liken ‘my path’ to a quote from Steve Job’s Stanford University commencement speech: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” To know what you are truly best at, you must stop and think […]