Paving a Path for Women: Christian Northrup, M.D.


“We get to a point where we must put up or shut up,” says Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and a national ground-breaking leader in the field of women’s health. “If we believe in empowerment and we believe in the law of abundance, the law of prosperity, if we believe thoughts create […]

Celebrate Your Strength – Love The Light of The Present Moment


Monday, the beginning of yet, another glorious week; filled with wonder and who knows what. Seven days, 10080 minutes – how will you choose to spend these precious moments? Celebrate your strength and joy today by being with the present moment. And, if that feels to big to handle – stay within the next 5 […]

Should Your New Flame Sleep Over When The Children Are Around?


I’ve had many cases where issues involving overnight parenting time and visitation with an unmarried party are raised. Here are some of my thoughts. A man recently retained me in a divorce where his wife had left him for another man. His first attorney told him that there was no way that he could have […]

Falling In And Out Of Friendship – Book Review On “House Arrest” By Ellen Meeropol


Have you ever had a friendship that became important but never would have happened if you had said what you were thinking the first time you met the person? We first meet one of the central characters in Ellen Meeropol’s new novel, House Arrest, in just that situation. Emily, a 30-something woman who has always […]

What Advice Would You Give to Divorcing Parties With Children?


Why does the legal system take parents, who were partners in the most intimate human relationship, and turn them into adversaries? Why, it makes NO SENSE? Nonetheless, Michigan divorce laws favor both parents having a healthy relationship with their children, such as there is a strong presumption for joint custody in every divorce or custody […]



Facebook has become the largest social networking site on the internet. There are other sites, but as this article is being written, Facebook is the king. In my family law practice, I see a substantial impact of Facebook and similar sites on divorce. As attorneys, we look to Facebook as a source of information as […]

Part 1: Reflections on Body Image – The Media’s Influence on How We View Our Bodies


In the United States women learn from an early age to highly value being thin. From TV ads, going to movies and following Hollywood celebrities we buy into the mass belief that if we look like “them” our lives will work. And yet . . . time and time again this has proven to be false. […]