The Best Brownies of Your Life


Here they are, the brownies I’ve always wanted and never found. I didn’t know my brownie life was lacking; for years, I’d been melting chocolate in a double boiler along with some butter to make the Martha Stewart version. Those were always good. So were all the other brownie recipes I attempted with a similar […]

Super Snacks for Super Bowl and Sundays


Super-Savory Snacking Call it a snack or a condiment; enjoy it by the spoonful or use it as a topping on everything from chicken to soup. This herb-spiced, lemony olive-and-walnut sauté is simple to make, yet is remarkably savory. I like to use Aleppo pepper when I make this, but you can swap out Aleppo […]

The 100 Foods Dr. Oz Wants in Your Shopping Cart


It’s the only grocery list you’ll ever need. Dr. Oz covers everything from produce to desserts to keep your kitchen stocked with only the healthiest foods. Print this list and take it on your next trip to the supermarket. Courtesy of the Dr. Oz Show. You may also like: Vitamin B12 -The Forgotten Energy B […]

Got Overripe Bananas? Make These Delicious Recipes!


With the hot summer weather, I’m often seeing my beautiful bananas turn from green to brown in a matter of (what seems like) hours. I hate to throw them away, so this week I thought of some new–and vegan–dessert recipes that all use overripe bananas. If you have this delightful banana problem, then keep reading! […]

Delicious Vegan Pear Turnovers

pear turnovers

With all the bread baking, I’ve been reading a lot about new techniques for baking breads, variations on proofing times, different types of sourdough starters and yeasts, and how flour’s gluten content effects the bread taste and texture. Lots of the books I’ve been reading also include pastry methods and recipes–for croissants, coffee cakes, and […]