Music Opens The Heart: A Cardiologist’s Joyful Yoga Playlist


“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.” So said Maria von Trapp, and perhaps you have felt the same way during a yoga practice or workout filled with music. From the time I was a child I have found that a wide spectrum of musical styles speak to […]

One Billion Rising – February 14, 2013


To a Group of Wonderful, Amazing and Fun Women, Please join me and a whole lot of other Amazing Women (and a few terrific men) on February 14th for lunch and dancing in the parking lot of HAVEN’s Counseling Program. Yes – dancing in a parking lot in the middle of winter! Join HAVEN as […]

MAY-ed For Fitness Buddies: Exercising With Your Dog


Dogged by Obesity Man’s best friend is battling one of man’s worst enemies — obesity. Up to 40% of dogs in the U.S. weigh too much. Like people, overweight dogs are at risk for health problems, from arthritis to heart disease. This is one challenge you and your pet can face together. Research suggests people […]

Dance For A Great Workout


Dance is hot on Thursday mornings! Every week following my Thursday morning body conditioning class at the gym there is a fabulous Zumba class taught by an amazing young Brazilian women – she is hot and so is the class! This woman delivers!  And this particular Zumba class is a serious fat burning workout! More […]

Taking Care Of Ourselves And Each Other Just Feels Good


“What does it feel like when you’re dancing?” “Don’t know. Sorta feels good. Sorta stiff and that, but once I get going… then I like, forget everything. And… sorta disappear. Sorta disappear. Like I feel a change in my whole body. And I’ve got this fire in my body. I’m just there. Flyin’ like a […]

A Storyboard Inspired By Music


Many things contributed to me wanting to write about this topic: hearing my favorite song from junior high on the radio, tonight’s debut of The Voice, being introduced to a new band from a friend who’s really into music and so on. If you have roommates, think about how much fun it is to put […]

Kirstie Alley – A Great Role Model For Women!


On this season of “Dancing With The Stars”, they truly saved the best for last on their first episode. Despite being 60-years-old and not a size 2, Alley rocked her first dance and is a force to be reckoned with this season. Alley tells E! News, “I did work hard, and I’m going to work […]