Just in Time for Valentine’s Day


This article starts, “Just in time for Valentine’s Day.” Sounds lovely, until you read the rest of the content. To quickly recap, a Florida judge ordered a man who was arrested for domestic violence to buy his wife flowers, take her out to a nice dinner, followed by bowling. Mr. Bray, the defendant, shoved his […]

Condolences to the Family, Friends and Neighbors of Jane Bashara


Nearly 11 years ago, my next door neighbor, and dear friend, was murdered. A murder that remains unsolved to this day. My neighborhood, much like your quiet street, was rocked to the core with daily speculation — did he (her husband) kill her, did he have her killed, he is the prime suspect, he is […]

Penn State Missed a Teachable Moment


By Beth Morrison HAVEN CEO Imagine this scene in the Penn State Football locker room: Coach Paterno walks in and gives his players the horrific news, that one of their own was caught raping a young boy. He talks about how proud he is of his young graduate assistant coming forward with what he had […]

Crack Down on Spectators at Animal Fights


Over the past decade, Congress has strengthened the penalties for and closed major loopholes in the federal animal fighting law, yet there is a remaining gap in the law that should be corrected to allow for a more comprehensive crackdown on this barbaric activity. It’s time to close that gap and make it a crime […]