Crepes: So Much Easier Than You Think


Today’s post is more of an ideas post than an actual recipe, but it’s an idea that you can take in uncountable directions, be that sweet or savory or as a main dish or a dessert. Another neat thing about this culinary concept is that you get to play the part of a pastry chef […]

The Blintz Reborn


Until I took my first bite of this fruit-filled crepe, I had forgotten about blintzes, but then fond memories of the frozen blintzes from Trader Joe’s came rushing back.  If you haven’t had a blintz, though, don’t worry – you’ll still be amazed by how creamy, rich, and sweet these crepes are.  Happily, they’re a […]

A Jar Of Mayonnaise Ain’t Got Nothing On A Ripe Avocado


Sometimes the condiment makes the sandwich, other times the condiment is a well-behaved backdrop to the sandwich.  Either way, you might as well go for a condiment with potential (i.e., not supermarket mayonnaise, which is at best made with low-quality oil and at worst made with a slew of unpronounceable chemicals). One of the easiest […]