Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Karma Yoga!


Light up your heart and soul with yoga for all levels, relaxation and amazing gong meditation! Everyone is welcome to join and enjoy a love filled evening with Katherine and Nancy at Karma Yoga. Bring your family and friends!

Get Ready For An Amazing Valentine’s Day!


Can you believe Valentine’s Day 2012 is already right around the corner? Neither can we! Don’t forget to visit ASKinyourface.com for all of your fabulous and fun articles on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, married, divorced, in a “complicated” relationship, you will find something here to dive right into! Keep posted for […]

The Art of War, Love & Food Balance


There I was, sitting listening to Zeppelin as my body swayed from the moving subway.  As Robert Plant screamed through my ear buds, I noticed in front of me a couple appearing to have a disagreement. [Melissa takes out her ear buds to eaves drop] I remember those days, I thought. Those were the days […]

Sexcapades: Do’s And Dont’s of Valentines Day


Well, it’s that time of year again. I wrote my first column just one year ago, as we were getting ready to head out into a break that began with Valentine’s Day. This year is a little different, since we’ll all still be at school for the “holiday.” Maybe it’s because I usually find myself […]