The Power of Numbers


In December, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a 124-page report outlining the prevalence of domestic violence and sexual assault in the United States as measured by phone surveys to over 16,000 households. For those of us who work at HAVEN, the report was not as noteworthy for its content as it was for […]

Finding Healing On A Mat


I am a HAVEN Volunteer.  Each week survivors join me in one of HAVEN’s group rooms to unroll yoga mats, take a comfortable, easy seat and begin an hour of yoga.  The path from victim to survivor is not an easy one.  I know.  I am a survivor of childhood violence.  I have found it […]

Could He Be Having An Affair? What’s Going On?


You Ask Dear Ruthanne, I am not married to a governor or a sports figure.  Those are the types of men that seem to be having affairs.  Or the type getting caught having affairs.  My husband is a good man, a wonderful provider, a kind, hard-working man with high moral values, yet the other day […]