Why Booze And Exercise Don’t Mix


This is A GREAT article for all you weekend workout warriors who love to booze it up! Be sure to read this important article about dehydration/hydration when you finish this one. Remember, moderation is key! Have a great weekend ~ Allison Come Friday, the vast majority of America wants to booze it.  There’s nothing like […]

Coffee: How It Affects Your Mood VS. Your Brain Power


Coffee and Your Mood Caffeine has many effects on your body and taken in large doses, it can be harmful. It affects four hormones in your body that can affect your mood. Caffeine can disrupt absorption of adenosine, which helps calm the body. This can make you feel alert for a while, but can cause […]

The Stress Factor


The Almost Working Girl’s Guide to Managing and Ignoring Everyday Stress Stress is tricky. There’s negative stress and positive stress. It’s bad to have too much stress, but good to have a little. It has the potential to induce heart attacks or strokes, but the ability to motivate and spark creativity as well. Stress is […]