The New “Coregasm” Workout

Gluteal Squeeze Your Way To Coregasm

Ladies, you know the feeling. That slow, heavenly buildup of warmth and comfort that shortens your breath and explodes like a million tiny fireworks throughout your body, nearly paralyzing you with pleasure. Now, imagine that during your yoga or fitness class. A recent question from an anonymous reader goes something like this: Hi Allison. Recently, […]

Coregasm? Exercise Can Lead to Female Orgasm and Sexual Pleasure

Coregasm at the gym!

Findings from a first-of-its-kind study by Indiana University researchers confirm anecdotal evidence that exercise — absent sex or fantasies — can lead to female orgasm. While the findings are new, reports of this phenomenon, sometimes called “coregasm” because of its association with exercises for core abdominal muscles, have circulated in the media for years, said […]

Can I Really Have An Orgasm While Working Out?


Coregasm? The question from an anonymous reader goes something like this: (with a bit of editing) Recently, I heard a few women talking about how they are able to have an orgasm while working out. Where the #*$%#@ have I been. I am so jealous. Can I get one too? Can I have it, please? […]

The Odd Side Effects of Exercise


Coping with odd side effects of exercise Researchers have been touting the healthy side effects of exercise for years. Regular workouts can help you lose weight, boost mood, and live longer. But your daily workout can also have some strange — and pretty wonderful — side effects. From exercise-induced ear popping to the, uh, pleasures […]