Making Room For Joy: Confront Your Toxic Relationships


Affirmation:  I give thanks that: I faithfully cleanse myself of any toxicity or disharmonious energy! I am grateful for the way toxic people behave for they show me how not to be! Loving myself gives me the strength to walk away from a toxic relationship! End your affirmation by saying: “I give thanks that this or […]

Surprise People With Love


No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. — Albert Einstein Seek first to understand. – Steven Covey My boss Mike was in a snit the other day. The new biller he hired was not working out and we therapists were not getting our payments from the insurance companies. […]

A Weekly Thought From Ruthanne


Pathways to Radiant Loving Often in our work, when couples are stuck in a conflict, each not willing to let go of their point of view, we ask a simple question. Would you rather be right or loved? It is a question that always gets their attention. Whenever we hold on righteously, so sure of […]