As Our Garden Grows…Please Help Support The Haven Garden Project

A sampling from our garden

“A garden is an idea, a space, an action. For some residents, the buzz of honey bees is a restful liturgy, for others, a busying activity for their talented, energetic children. Our garden is a culmination of the efforts and support of many people, and many hands. Please join us in helping the garden bear […]

“Shelter: Where Harvard Meets The Homeless” Book Review


Scott Seider has written an immensely interesting book about a difficult topic in America, nameless “ the homeless”. I put “the homeless” in parentheses because as one learns from Scott’s book- these are real people, with real problems, with real backgrounds and histories. Scott’s book talks about the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter which is housed […]

Making A Difference At Any Age; An AmericanTowns Hero – Lucile Blackburn Delivers Love


Every day, Meals On Wheels delivers more than one million meals to seniors in America, but it isn’t always the meals that make the difference. As Lucile Blackburn will tell you, many of the elderly people who receive the meals are as hungry for the company and conversation as for the meal itself. At 97 […]