Ricks Home Cooking – Hungarian Goulash, Eggplant Rollatini


Okay…now there’s no excuse!…Who in their right mind wouldn’t want a great dinner brought to their door, when the weather is like it is out there today? Warm, comforting fare, like Hungarian Goulash with Broad Noodles, or Eggplant Rollatini, filled with Ricotta and Angel Hair pasta and baked in my Marinara sauce! Check out the […]

America’s Love Affair With Chili Peppers Grows Hotter


Bored with comfort food, Americans crave hot chili peppers, the hotter the better. “Benign masochism,” a psychologist calls it. As in past recessions, chili sales are booming, making it the second most popular flavor, after chocolate. A nation on the rebound from its long affair with comfort food has a hot new love: chili pepper Once […]

Comfort Food: A Healthier Pot Pie!


Have you been craving yummy chicken pot pie?  Like the kind mom used to make?  But your looking for a healthier recipe (less calories, less fat , less sodium) with that same good old fashioned flavor?  Well, here you go “comfort food “seekers!  This recipe is down-home, delicious and hearty healthy!  Easy as Pie too! […]

“Eat Your Cantaloupe and Enjoy Your Life!”


The Saga of Mindless Eating Continues… Allison, I just read your article about me and you and the cantaloupe. Allison, a cup of cantaloupe has 56 calories and is very nutritious for you with lots of vitamins, see THIS LINK for more nutritional info. Now, regarding the idea that I didn’t get the point of […]