Start the New Year Off Right with This Healthy Fat!


For years people have avoided coconut oil thinking it to be a “harmful” saturated fat. Moreover, many people avoid fats all together thinking they are going to make them fat. In fact, our bodies need fats to properly function, especially good fats such as coconut oil. The culprits that are making us fat are processed […]

10 Healthy Food Choices For Around $1.00!


Here are 10 great, nutrient-packed food choices that you can still find for around $1 per serving: 1. Two Cage Free Organic Eggs: $0.84 Eggs can be one of the most healthful foods in the world. But, not all eggs are equal. There is more and more evidence of a huge nutritional difference between true […]

So You Say Your A Vegetarian? Really BE A Vegetarian!


What’s all the vegetarian talk about lately? Do you know what you’re actually saying when you say: “I’m a vegetarian. I could NEVER eat meat.” Or “How could anyone eat meat? The poor cow.” as the person polishes off his or her DQ in a cone. “I just never felt like I could eat an […]

Finding Your True Yam


A yam is a yam is a yam?  Nope.  What Americans know as “yams” are actually just variants of sweet potatoes.  About the only thing our yams have in common with true yams is that they both grow underground – the comparison pretty much stops there.  True yams have a nutty, buttery flavor and a […]

If Popeye Went To India…


I always liked creamed spinach when I was a kid: it was rich and soft and vaguely nutmeggy, and it seemed to be just as good with chicken as it was with lamb or beef or veggies or whatever you wanted to serve it with.  What I didn’t realize back then was how incredibly easy […]

Making Winter Velvet Out Of Winter Squash


Assuming you have a sizable and sharp knife (an 8″ chef’s knife is ideal), winter squash is a great wintertime ingredient: it’s plentiful, versatile, and inexpensive.  You can roast it and eat straight out of the skin, or you can simmer cut-up chunks of it in water or broth and then drain it and mash […]

Sipping Summer & Winter Out Of A Single Glass


“Oh, the weather outside is frightful”…so let’s pretend we’re someplace a bit more tropical with a refreshing smoothie in our hand. After this much snow, I’m okay with the idea of being a bit unseasonal and including a summery banana with a wintery pear. Using coconut milk rather than dairy is another good way to […]

Refreshing Watermelon Smoothie


In the tradition of memorable beverages like the Harvey Wallbanger and the Arnold Palmer, I’m going to name my most recent smoothie/cocktail creation after my friend Jill. Why? Because she’s nuts about watermelons – she’s capable of consuming an entire melon in one sitting. (I wish I could do the same with my beloved pineapples, […]