Letting Go and Keeping It Simple


Not so easy. Face it, we are attached to our stuff. I know when I had to clean out my clothes closet a few years back to make room for a new me, I was really faced with an emotional attachment I had to my clothes that I never ever knew! What? throw that away? […]

Creating Silence from Chaos


We are often afraid of silence, because its emptiness feels idle, boring, unproductive, and scary. And so we fill our lives with chaos, noise, clutter. But silence can be lovely, and therapeutic, and powerful. It can be the remedy for our stress and the habits that crush us. If we want quiet in our lives, […]

Take Out The Trash


Eliminating Clutter in the Mind and in Life As we head into 2010 there are probably many New Years Resolutions floating around. Either on a piece of paper, already crumbled somewhere or even in our heads. Lose weight, take more yoga classes, eat no sugar etc. On a walk the day after Christmas I began […]