What To Wear On That Bike


It’s National Bike to Work Week. I like bikes. But it does seem like we are starting to stretch the ‘national’ weeks a bit; virtually every day is some sort of special occasion. (Or as my boyfriend says, ‘always celebrating.’ That’s in response to my need to have champagne in the fridge at all times–you […]

A Storyboard Inspired By Music


Many things contributed to me wanting to write about this topic: hearing my favorite song from junior high on the radio, tonight’s debut of The Voice, being introduced to a new band from a friend who’s really into music and so on. If you have roommates, think about how much fun it is to put […]

Forever 21 & Other Stores You’re Too Old For


Since my parents were on vacation, I needed to step in and cart my sister around town. Joy! As I sat in the school’s parking lot, wondering what was taking her so long, I took notice of her classmates and this was confirmed: Adults should not be wearing the same things as high schoolers. Re: […]

Closet Detox Part II: Your Closet Has Been Detoxified – Now What?


At this point, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself; your head’s cleared, closet organized and you’re ready for the new fabulous pieces to start being incorporated into your wardrobe. (Even if it’s looking barren in there!) What do you do now? You make a list. You start by taking note of what you need and […]