Tested Recipes for Kitchen Safety


Today’s kitchens easily supplant the bathroom as the home’s most dangerous room. While scalds and falls on tile can inflict serious harm in the bathroom, modern kitchen appliances and gadgets offer many more opportunities for injury. Even a seemingly simple kitchen task can result in a devastating injury. Just ask April Stewart Klausner, a New […]

Keeping Food-Borne Illnesses at Bay


Each year, one in six Americans becomes sick from eating contaminated food. But while outbreaks of food-borne illness linked to processing plants or imported products capture the public’s attention and raise fears about the safety of the food supply, as many as 70 percent of food poisoning cases originate in the kitchen. People, not products, […]

An Utterly Genius Closet Cleaning Tip You Need To Know Now


I may not be going back to school, but I still treat September like a new year, a fresh start, and a chance to reinvent my wardrobe–and that means cleaning out the closet! If you’re feeling similarly inspired to go out with the old and in with the new, here’s a genius tip for deciding […]

Greener By The Minute – Be Green While You Spring Clean!


Throwing open the windows on the first warm day of the year is one of life’s great pleasures–until, of course, all that sunlight and breeze makes you realize how dusty, dirty, and cluttered your house has become during the winter hibernation. Even the messiest among us get the urge for spring cleaning–and though we don’t […]

Gym Rant: Your Mom Doesn’t Belong to This Gym, So Please Clean Up After Yourself


Dear Fellow Gym Members: Funny thing about the gym locker room: It’s not your private bathroom and/or dressing room. Less funny thing about the gym locker room: You treat it as such, and, for the life of me, I cannot understand why. Perhaps you are new to our little gym community. If so, allow me […]

Sick of Winter? Bring it on – Spring Cleaning!


I’m am so over winter, it’s ridiculous. Are you?  My winter protest has ceremoniously begun.  Out with the boots and on with my sandals.  Even if I have to put socks on with my sandals while looking like a total nerd – I’m done.   I don’t care what happens from now until April, my […]

Clean Freak, Green Freak


Everyone loves a clean home, but few of us love the chore of cleaning. SAYS WHO!  I know people who could care less if their home is clean.  I also know women and men that love to clean.  I love to clean.  Cleaning makes me feel clean.  I would venture to say that most of […]