The Magic of Midlife – Body Balance for Women in their Prime!


As women, we are pressured to keep our figures intact and the world around us supports our desire to be thin and svelte. At the same time, we are watching our bodies change – most of which is beyond our control. Midlife hormonal changes take precedent to our old ways of eating what we want […]

Yoga for the Hands: A Loving Practice


‘In loving someone you give them the freedom to change.’ Begin by pausing. Notice the ease that rests in the palms of your hands. Soften the blanket of skin that rests over the 27 bones in your hands. Breathe. Look at your hands and love the stories you see in the lines of these well-used […]

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Autumn


As the first few weeks of fall our upon us, we will begin to notice many changes occurring in our environment. The temperature drops, the winds bring a chill foreshadowing the winter ahead, and the trees put on a lovely display of colors before dropping their leaves to conserve their energy for the cold months […]

Chicken Soup for the Traditional Chinese Medicine Soul!


An important herb in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is astragalus root, called Huang Qi in China. It’s used to strengthen the body’s immune system, known as wei qi in TCM. Astragalus root can be found dried in Chinese herbal shops or some natural health food stores. If you don’t have access to astragalus, you can […]

Holistic Fertility Group Meetings


The struggle to conceive can be a very emotional and taxing journey.  In conjunction with conventional medicine treatments, there are several aspects of health and well-being that can be addressed through complementary techniques.  These include diet, exercise, acupuncture, herbs, supplements and coping skills that are imperative to surviving the emotional rollercoaster. This group provides the opportunity […]

Attend An Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop!


What: Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop This exciting technique, based on a combination of modern psychology and ancient Chinese medicine can be used to promote physical healing, release negative emotions, rid yourself of limiting beliefs, eliminate cravings, overcome phobias and fears, and for many other desired changes. In this workshop, you will experience the power of […]

Turning Emotions Into Virtues


Chinese medicine recognizes that the body is much more complex than simply physical symptoms. When patients come to our office seeking relief for one condition, they are always questioned about their entire health and well-being-it is important to know if you are sleeping well and drinking plenty of fluids! As a practitioner of this energetic […]

The Eight Perimeters of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Part One)


As women, we are pressured to keep slim figures, a desire encouraged by society and the world around us. And yet, we watch our bodies change — most of which is beyond our control. Midlife hormonal changes force us to adopt new eating and exercise habits — or weather the consequences of sticking to old ways. […]