Tamiflu is NOT the Drug of Choice to Fend Off the Flu


Tamiflu (oseltamivir phosphate) is approved for treatment of uncomplicated influenza A and B in children one year of age or older. It is also approved for prevention of influenza in people 13 years or older. It is part of a group of anti-influenza drugs called neuraminidase inhibitors, which work by blocking a viral enzyme that […]

Chicken Soup for the Traditional Chinese Medicine Soul!


An important herb in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is astragalus root, called Huang Qi in China. It’s used to strengthen the body’s immune system, known as wei qi in TCM. Astragalus root can be found dried in Chinese herbal shops or some natural health food stores. If you don’t have access to astragalus, you can […]

Jackie’s Favorite Chicken Soup, Miso Soup & Green Chili With Pork Soup


MISO SOUP (adapted from www.101cookbooks.com ) 3 ounces dried soba noodles 2-4 tablespoons white miso paste 2-3 ounces firm tofu, chopped into 1/3-inch cubes Handful of spinach, washed and trimmed 2 green onion, tops removed, thinly sliced Small handful cilantro, optional Pinch of red pepper flakes Cook soba noodles in salted water according to package […]