Boost Your Brain Health With Food!


We eat for many reasons. First and foremost, we need fuel to allow us energy throughout the day. Many of us eat a particular way for the benefit of our heart, our diabetes, our hypertension, our muscles, our weight, etc., however I rarely hear of individuals eating for their brains. The brain controls the body […]

DIY Custom Chocolate Bars-Perfect Oscar Night Snack!


Call me crazy, but I’m of the firm opinion that once you swap out processed, pre-prepared, pre-mixed, large-scale-factory-produced ingredients for fresh, high-quality ones, there is no such thing as “junk food.” Case in point: Triple-Seeded Chocolate Bark made with 85% dark chocolate and chia, sesame, and poppy seeds. Hershey’s, this ain’t; rather, we’re talking a […]