Signs Your Grounding Chakra Is Out Of Whack + What To Do About It


I’m a huge advocate of yoga for so many reasons, but one reason is the grounding benefits from hitting the mat. If you’re familiar with the chakra system, chakra one forms our foundation. It’s our grounding chakra. Unfortunately, many of us have lost our footing; our heads are lost up in the clouds, causing our […]

How We Incorporate Yoga and Meditation in Eating Disorder Recovery


In conjunction with traditional psychotherapy and medical nutrition therapy, here is how yoga and meditation is intertwined in your healing process: The Eight Limbs of Yoga or Eight Fold Path The first book to systematize the practice of yoga was the classic treatise the Yoga Sutras (or Aphorisms) of Patanjali dating from 200 B.C. The […]

Time To Shut The Hell Up. You Know, Yogically.


So you know that feeling when everything has gone wrong and you are trying to figure your shit out and you are a yoga teacher so people kind of think you should have something figured out by now but you just don’t and your birthday is coming up and you are not where you thought […]

What’s For Fitness? Tip # 12 – Kundalini to Strengthen, Sculpt & Move Your Arms & Energy Today!


Three simply natural arm moves that will build definition and strength in your muscles. Warning: These exercises, while of simple design, are going to burn like crazy!  They will test your physical, emotional and mental stamina.  I refer to this as “my stick-to-it-iveness ability.” These basic yet challenging arm movements are also known as Kriyas; […]