Improve Your Well-Being With Garden Fresh Fruits And Veggies This August!


Summer is the best season to get your own home grown fruits and vegetables. Whether they come from your garden at home or a local farm, fresh is always best! Here are some fruits and veggies that start their prime picking season in August. Head out today to get some delicious, nutritious and fresh garden […]

“Eat Your Cantaloupe and Enjoy Your Life!”


The Saga of Mindless Eating Continues… Allison, I just read your article about me and you and the cantaloupe. Allison, a cup of cantaloupe has 56 calories and is very nutritious for you with lots of vitamins, see THIS LINK for more nutritional info. Now, regarding the idea that I didn’t get the point of […]

Where’s My Cantaloupe? Redux

Canteloupe Melon

I received an interesting email this week in response to my “Where’s my cantaloupe?” article, from a man named Skip, whose acquaintance I recently made at the pool. We meet up at the pool a few mornings a week to swim laps. While gasping for a breath in between sets, we talk about healthy living, […]

Where’s My Cantaloupe?


Chronic Mindless Eating and How to FIX IT! Yesterday I was enjoying a delicious, freshly sliced piece of cantaloupe. Or so I thought I was. I actually cut two pieces for myself, one to eat now, and a second to eat later. My problem was and still is, this…. I devoured the first piece while […]