Fat In Foods: 7 Eats With More Fat Than A Stick Of Butter


“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” — Jim Rohn You wouldn’t sit down to dinner at your favorite restaurant and order a stick of butter a la carte. You’re too smart for that — you know there’d be lots of calories and little nutrients and, most of all, lots […]

Food Face Off: Your Food Choices


The following is a list of various types of foods in many people’s diet. Click on the links to take a look at the so called “Politically Correct” and “Healthy” foods and then at the foods that are those found in Weston Price’s research–nutrient-rich, dietary wisdom of the ages–not another here-today-gone-tomorrow fad. Food Face Off: […]

From the Herb Garden to the Cookie Jar


Shortbread may not seem like an obvious summer dessert, but buttery shortbread cookies spiced with citrus and fresh basil are unexpectedly refreshing on a hot summer day. The light, sandy texture typical of shortbread – pecan sandies and other “sand” or “sable” (French for “sand”) cookies are essentially shortbread cookies – means that the tender […]