How to Improve Your Memory After Age 50


See Why Exercising Your Brain Can Be Lots of Fun! You can super-boost your brain and get it to work like it did five, 10, 15, even 20 years ago — using nothing more than a simple deck of playing cards. And that’s just one of many simple, enjoyable card games you’ll find in Dr. […]

Play Some Games Online To Boost Brain Power


Our brain is arguably the most important organ in our body. We use it to think, talk, and make sense of our other senses. If we don’t keep up our brain health, it could mean disaster. No one wants to fall victim to the many diseases out there that affect our brains filled with memories, […]

Exercise Your Brain With A Game Today!


Studies have shown that keeping your brain challenged and engaged can actually help to prevent Alzheimer’s. Try games like crossword puzzles that work both the visual and language areas of your brain while combining decision-making and motor coordination. You can also try brain games like the card below. As fast as you can, read out […]

7 Anti-Aging Tips To Keep Your Brain Young


1. Move It Quick – what’s the No. 1 thing you can do for your brain’s health? Differential calculus, you say? Chess? Chaos theory? Nope, the best brain sharpener may be … sneakers? Yup. Once they’re on your feet, you can pump up your heart rate. “The best advice I can give to keep your […]

Tune Your Mind With Brain Exercises


When we think of exercising, we tend to think of tolling away on treadmills, aerobics classes, weight lifting, or bending our bodies into supposed relaxing and invigorating positions. We already know that regular physical exercise keeps us looking younger, feeling younger and keeps our mind in top working order. But what about ways we can […]