Greener By The Minute: Plastic Water Bottle Risks and Myths Debunked


For years we’ve heard different health risks related to plastic and water bottles. These days it is simply much cheaper and more environmentally conscious to buy a reusable bottle to store your H2O instead of buying water bottles from your local store. But aren’t water bottles from brand likes Pure Mountain, Dasani, and Fuji supposed […]

The Business Of Water


As consumers, learning about our drinking water can be overwhelming. The business of water has perplexed many consumers who are wanting only what is best for themselves and their families. Most of us don’t have any idea of how water makes its way to our faucet and to bottles. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, […]

Water: What Should I Drink?


It is a fact of life that we live in a world filled with contaminants. Most of us have strong, healthy bodies to help fight them off. Consuming healthy foods every day is one of our strongest defenses. But, there are many other things we can be doing to improve our health and responsiveness. Perhaps […]