Looking Ahead With Lauren: Beating Boredom


“I’m bored.” I’m sure we’ve all hear and said that phrase a couple thousand times in our lives. Yet what is boredom? We seem to blame boredom on a lot of things: the reason we snack so much, the reason we hate our jobs and even rowdy teenagers use it when being prosecuted for petty crimes. But […]

The Habits That Crush Us


‘Don’t panic.’ ~Douglas Adams Why is it that we cannot break the bad habits that stand in our way, crushing our desires to live a healthy life, be fit, simplify, be happier? How is it that our best intentions are nearly always beaten? We want to be focused and productive, exercise and eat healthy foods, stop […]

Dog Boredom Busters From Animal Joy!


I have two dogs. They are both poodles. Gracie is a black miniature and Bobo, a large taupe colored standard. Gracie is a female athlete. All she wants to do is play fetch. She’d do it all day long if she had any say in the matter! Bobo is a male that is lethargic, relaxed […]