Women’s Body Talk: Perception Stronger Than Reality?


How women think their friends feel about their bodies influences their own body concerns, according to a new study by Dr. Louise Wasylkiw and Molly Williamson from Mount Alison University in Canada. Their work, which examines the role of friends in young women’s body concerns, is published online in Springer’s journal Sex Roles. Research shows […]

Take Back Your Summer: Accepting The Body You Have Now


It’s normal to fantasize about a “better” version of yourself. As more heroic, smarter, powerful, successful, generous, kinder than you are. (Or more cutthroat or vengeful than you are.) These fantasies can serve as ideals of who we want to become — and thus can be blueprints, showing us how to get from how we […]

Part 1: Reflections on Body Image – The Media’s Influence on How We View Our Bodies


In the United States women learn from an early age to highly value being thin. From TV ads, going to movies and following Hollywood celebrities we buy into the mass belief that if we look like “them” our lives will work. And yet . . . time and time again this has proven to be false. […]