The Blackest of Fridays


Black (adj.): characterized by tragic or disastrous events; causing despair. –New Oxford American Dictionary This Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year: Black Friday. Retailers prepare months in advance for this day–preparation that’s meant to stimulate your insatiable desire to consume. Doorbuster sales. New products. Gigantic newspaper ads. TV, radio, print, billboards. Sale, […]

Recently Opened Lido Gallery Welcomes Black Friday (and kicks off the holiday season) with Show-Stopping Savings For Shoppers.


No need to run to a big-box store for dynamite deals on Black Friday finds. Recently opened Lido Gallery welcomes Black Friday (and kicks off the holiday season) with show-stopping savings for shoppers. In honor of Black Friday, November 26, all of the gallery’s gift items will be 26 percent off. In addition, shoppers that […]