Top Trends For Spring 2012


That’s right: Spring 2012 is right around the corner. Here are some of the top trends that are coming to you as the weather starts getting nicer. Top Animal Print: Birds Bird, bird, bird is the word. This year’s trend is all about birds if you’re thinking of wearing an animal on your sweater. It […]

I Can Get What From My Pet?!?


Most people know that wild animals can give rabies to people, but what they may not realize is that pets like cats, dogs and birds can pass diseases to people. That may sound scary, but prevention isn’t all that hard. Here’s what to know about keeping pets and people safe from each other. First, don’t […]

Uninvited House Guests


Bats, birds, mice, moles and voles, oh my! No kidding. I thought I had one, maybe two creatures encroaching into my private domain, turns out I have five! I guess one good thing leads to another! After seeing little dark droppings on the corner of my front porch for the last year or so and lumpy, […]