Food Fight or Exercise Attack


Everyone of us has the right to enjoy the over-load of delicious holiday treats that are nearly impossible to avoid this time of year. So, don’t fight the fun and yummy indulgences for the next six weeks – that’s entirely exhausting and worthless. A mindful and sensible approach to eating, right along side a consistent […]

When Food Is The Enemy… Reach Out For A FriendTM

Recovery sign

Welcome to the Beat Bulimia website. I’m Judith Asner, M.S.W. I specialize in treating people suffering from eating disorders, especially bulimia nervosa. Bulimia (bulimia nervosa) is defined as periods of uncontrolled eating. The person eats anywhere up to 10,000 calories in a sitting. The binge eating is followed by purging behaviors, i.e., vomiting, laxatives, excessive […]