Renowned Expert On Binge Eating Shares Proven Techniques For Conquering Food Cravings


Clinical psychologist Cynthia M. Bulik is a leading authority on eating disorders such as binge eating disorder. Binge eating is marked by eating an unusually large amount of food and feeling out of control or compelled to eat. Binge eating disorder is less well known than anorexia or bulimia nervosa but is more prevalent. Health […]

TLC Looking For Women Struggling With Binge Eating Disorder


A new TLC show is looking for women dealing with the challenges of Binge Eating Disorder to be featured on their show. If you are interested in sharing your story please contact Allison at for more information.

Miss Florida – My Story of My Eating Disorder


Ten years ago, my battle with bulimia was in full swing. My days were consumed by an illness I never expected, nor wanted, in my life. When people think about eating disorders, they often think that they are a choice- someone probably wanted to lose weight and it got out of control. This is not […]

Anorexia * Bulimia * Binge Eating Disorder * Exercise Bulimia


An Ugly Midlife Crisis for Women More middle-age women are seeking treatment for anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating disorder then ever before, especially in our community.  You starve yourself, proudly dropping pounds, losing inches, and it feels too good to ever stop. Or, you eat whatever you want, more than you want, until you feel like your […]