IMPORTANT- The Boy Who Cried Wulf: What About Compounded Medication Safety In Our Society?


(This is a rebuttal to Dr. Wulf Utian’s blog on the American Nurse Today website reprinted above. This post was co-written by myself and my colleague Dr. Erika Schwartz.) It is important to state that compounded medications are ubiquitous in our health care system. Intravenous therapies, pain medications, chemotherapeutic agents, asthma medications, and even orange […]

Another Nail In The Coffin for Bisphosphonate Drugs


A new study in the Archives of Medicine (published online May 21, 2012) destroys the fictional theory of treating osteoporosis with bisphosphonate drugs. I have been writing and warning about the dangers of bisphosphonate drugs for years. In my book, Drugs that Don’t Work and Natural Therapies That Do, I predicted, “…the long-term use of […]