5 Foods That Fight Cancer


Want to eat your way to cancer prevention? Eating the right foods can help. Experts at the American Institute for Cancer Research estimate about one-third of the 1.4 million cancers that occur every year in the United States could be prevented, in part, by making healthier food choices. Very Berry Protection Against Skin Cancer Berries […]

“The Clean 15″ – 15 Foods That Don’t Need to Be Organic


Kick your healthy new year off with good news about some of your favorite conventional fruits and vegetables! When you hit the grocery store this week be sure to fill your shopping cart with nutrient dense “power produce.” Read all about it: The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Shoppers Guide to Pesticides discusses fruits and vegetables that are […]

Homemade Summer Berry Pies


We know you love the berry of the week posts – now here’s a recipe you can use with all of your fresh berries! Pie is delicious, especially in the summertime and this recipe combines healthier ingredients than a store-bought pie. So whip one up and serve to your family and friends using everyone’s favorite […]

Berry Of The Week: Acai Berry


In the past few years, we’ve been hearing all this buzz about the amazing acai berry, supposedly packed full of healthy antioxidants. Maybe you’ve even tried it because of the acai berry products claiming to help with weight loss. The truth is the acai berry is very nutritious, but hard to find in the healthiest […]

Love Our Berry Posts? Here’s More On Strawberries!


Want healthy, glowing skin? Get it naturally by replacing high-calorie snacks with berries. Berries are great sources of cancer-fighting nutrients, like vitamin C and fiber, says the American Institute for Cancer Research. The strawberry, in particular, is packed with ellagic acid, which can prevent skin cancers. Plus, a strawberry has high antioxidant levels that help protect […]

Berry Of The Week: Gooseberries


This week we’re talking about one of the more unusual berries: gooseberries! These little grape-like berries are sweet and juicy in red: think the taste of a grape, fig, and apricot all rolled into one delicious treat. In green, they look like tiny watermelons and are said to taste a bit like sour grapes. Chances […]

Berry Of The Week: Cranberries


Cranberries are now a staple at American Thanksgiving, but did you know these little red berries are a superfood? Packed with more nutritional benefits than you probably realize and with a long standing history, we want you to pick up some organic cranberries to snack on this summer! Don’t wait for Thanksgiving or think that […]

(Goose) Berries & (Little) Trees


Although you can’t beat juicy-fresh fruit, dried fruit has its own set of charms: it’s non-messy, it’s very portable, and since it has such low water content, not only is it a better source of fiber than its fresh counterpart, dried fruit also has a more concentrated flavor.  Berries in particular have a refreshing sweet/tart […]

In June & July, We’re Going Crazy For Fresh Berries!


What is better in the summer than sweet, delicious, and juicy berries? Here at ASK In Your Face, we will be posting articles on different berries with recipes, health benefits, the differences between organic and conventional fruits, and much more! Each week June, we will feature a different berry that you’ll want to bite into […]

Refreshing Watermelon Smoothie


In the tradition of memorable beverages like the Harvey Wallbanger and the Arnold Palmer, I’m going to name my most recent smoothie/cocktail creation after my friend Jill. Why? Because she’s nuts about watermelons – she’s capable of consuming an entire melon in one sitting. (I wish I could do the same with my beloved pineapples, […]