During The Holidays & Forever: 3 Reasons To Keep Practicing Yoga


As a physician, yoga teacher, author, speaker and mother I am really busy! I love what I do for work. I enjoy helping people in their personal health journeys as they come closer to their own truths and unravel their own space of wellness. I would never have been able to do what I do […]

Considering Yoga For The New Year?


 Only when we deepen our appreciation of ourselves, and what we have to offer, can we begin to truly appreciate and truly support and love another. When you begin a relationship with someone it is the relationship with your self that continues to deepen as you learn to share your space with a partner. Ravi Singh […]

Take a Load Off, Or Should You?


We often shy away from weight bearing exercise – that is, applying an opposing force that muscles must strain against – because, let’s face it, they’re difficult. Who wants to spend time in plank without some heavy encouragement? It pays to change our relationship with load bearing exercise however, as it can play an important […]