Find Your Signature Strengths: Be Your Own Cheerleader!


Statistics say 80% of women are unhappy with what they see in the mirror – well over half of us! We all have times of self-doubt and fall into the trap of hating our bodies or our looks, but don’t make it a habit! So today’s tip is all about letting your inner beauty and […]

Use Exercise To Heal Your Self-Image


Tip #5  ”Keep Up And You Will Be Kept Up!” Exercise is a great way to stay in shape, have fun, and even stop your inner critic. Think this way: when you’re playing tennis with a friend, running back and forth, hitting the ball across the court, think about how amazing your body is. Stop […]

Let’s March Forward To Spring!


Here at ASK In Your Face we are ready to put away our winter coats and break out the flip flops, break free from the hibernation that winter brings and head out into the sunshine, and start thinking about bright colors and our environment! In March, we are introducing a new weekly column called “Greener […]

Fashionable-Self Confident-Beautiful!

Smiling Red-Haired Woman Wearing Red Dress

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with self confidence. A healthy outlook can cover any number of slight flaws and can help you embrace your own body in a way that could make anyone envious. That is the true secret of beauty: Attitude is everything. While this concept is easy to believe in the […]

Baby Boom Women at Midlife – Deconstructing Barbie


Despite the progress that has been made in women’s stature over the decades, research indicates that many women continue to feel devalued, subordinated, and marginalized within a patriarchal society. According to the research, women are more vulnerable to external pressure from society than men, and as a result face more questions at midlife about issues […]

OMG! My Hair WOn’t Stop Falling Out! No More Hair Loss With Renew Hair & Skin Center


This story is dedicated to anyone who is terrified of brushing their hair. The Facts: Renew Hair & Skin Center is rescuing both women and men from hair loss by using a highly touted, FDA-approved therapy called LLLT. LLLT is a peak performance program that has a remarkable satisfaction rate. It’s capable of putting an […]

Wednesday’s At 6 Salon


Yesterday was the day of my every-other-Wednesday-standing appointment at 6 Salon, Birmingham. I stroll in at 1:00 for my color. Greeted by all the happy, upbeat people I get “caped” and take my seat. Coffee brought over in a white porcelain cup, tray table holding my magazines, cell phone, reading glasses, hair clips and my purse […]

Preventing Skin Cancer


I am always amazed by the dichotomy that I see in some of my patients, especially young women. Most have a profound awareness of their skin–what is new, what is changing. I am always so happy to see that women are paying such close attention to their skin. At the same time I see many […]

Six Salon Mother’s Day Special Offer! A Special Gift For You And MOM!


Salon Six of Birmingham and Royal Oak is offering you A Very Special Mother’s Day Gift! Click on their ad on our homepage for details!  Save! Save! Save! Book two haircuts together and get the second one half-off!

Healthy and Safe Shampooing

Woman shampooing her hair

Healthy I’ve wanted to make my own shampoo for a long time. After learning bits and pieces about the potential dangers of some chemicals commonly found in shampoos and soaps and considering the fact that other shampoo ingredients are derived from or tested on animals, I decided to experiment this week with some homemade beauty […]