Recipes of the Week: Breakfast Brownies, Healthy Dressing & More!


An Omelet for Any Meal Our favorite foods are all about contrasts: sweet flavors make savory flavors more savory, soft textures emphasize crunchiness, and the visual appeal of different shapes adds to the “yum!” factor. In this omelet, the umami-rich, savory bacon is the perfect foil for the slightly sweet peas, just as the creamy […]

Got Overripe Bananas? Make These Delicious Recipes!


With the hot summer weather, I’m often seeing my beautiful bananas turn from green to brown in a matter of (what seems like) hours. I hate to throw them away, so this week I thought of some new–and vegan–dessert recipes that all use overripe bananas. If you have this delightful banana problem, then keep reading! […]