The Devil’s in the Details

Delicious Mayo-Free Deviled Eggs

My husbands favorite appetizer – Deviled Eggs. Of course, he absolutely prefers the mayo! Enjoy these delicious deviled eggs from The Cultured Cook  (Mayo-Free) Deviled Eggs.  A yummy treat for your New Years Party!  Enjoy!  Love, Allison As their name implies, this classic appetizer can be devilishly delicious or hellishly horrid. It all depends on […]

First Ever ASK Holiday Cookbook Made Possible By Our Wonderful Readers and Our Team!


Happy Holidays everyone! We finally have what you’ve all been waiting for… fabulous recipes for the holiday season made possible by our wonderful readers, Our Team, and favorite websites! Let us know which recipes you try and love this season… enjoy cooking and baking with your family as much as you enjoy eating with them. […]

Healthy Tailgating Recipes


It is that time of the year: football season. You bundle up in your favorite team’s gear, head to the stadium, drink and laugh with friends. With football season, comes the best part…tailgating! This of course brings yummy snacks. What do you do when you volunteer to bring food and have no clue? Here are […]

Roll It, Pat It, Fry It – Thai Meatballs


Making meatballs is fun, especially if you have some good music playing in the background while you’re rolling away.  Meatballs are also easy to customize – just add a different blend of spices – and they can be anything from finger-food appetizers to the main dish.  And if you get tired of rolling the meat […]

Wine & Food Tasting Fundraiser to Benefit The HAVEN Garden Project – June 10, 2011 – A Spectacular Evening! Get Your Tickets Today!


Enjoy over 70 wines and gourment appetizers at an event to benefit the HAVEN Garden Project! Located at The Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center (1516 Cranbrook Road in Birmingham, MI) On Friday, June 10th, 6 pm – 9 pm. $35 per ticket (in advance) $40 at the door $25 for a student ticket Must be 21+ […]

Three Different Ways to Make Fondue – Delicious Fun Eats For SUPER BOWL!


Tiny Vegetables for Fondue Which food tradition has been Switzerland’s best gift to the world, fondue or chocolate creations? I think it’s a draw – life without cheese or chocolate would be difficult. (Although it is possible to do some amazingly cheese-like things with nuts/seeds and tamari. If you don’t believe me, just try some […]