Meet Gracie


Gracie, a breed of cow morbidly referred to as “Beefmaster,” arrived at SASHA Farm last week all the way from Alabama, where she was saved from a lifetime of producing babies destined for slaughter. A few weeks ago, Gracie gave birth to a calf and in the process, her uterus prolapsed. This means that her […]

Where Have All The Mamas Gone?


Many people have seen the pictures on Face Book of the darling baby goats that were rescued last week by myself and two of the volunteers at Sasha Farm. The comments and compliments came flowing in as soon as the pictures were posted. The volunteers and I anticipated the love and excitement we would feel […]

Your Choice Of Syrup Can Help Save Canada’s Baby Seals!


Every year, the Canadian government allows sealers to beat, skin, and kill hundreds of thousands of baby seals for their fur. Did you know that your choice of syrup may help stop this? Yes, you can help end Canada’s annual war on seals by boycotting a product that is vital to the country’s economy: maple […]

“Paws” Before You Purchase


New fall fashions hit the stores soon! I ask you, is there a more exciting time to shop?  Hardly. The scent of new fabrics, leathers and suede, fill the aisles making it hard to walk by without letting your fingers just graze those new bags and boots! The colors range from russets and rubies to […]