Freaked-Out Fido No More!


Spring is here and with it comes the thunderstorms. If you have a dog that is fearful or anxious of thunderstorms read on. I may have a safe and simple solution for you and your dog. For dogs with a mild affliction you can try a bone, squeaky toy or a kong–bring this “special” distraction […]

Ouch! Cat Bites Beware


“Ouch! Darn cat bite.” Guess what? When a cat bites it’s very dangerous. Finding this out recently prompted me to do the research. Cats have what’s called anaerobic bacteria and they transfer this through their bite. It’s extremely dangerous; this is a bacteria that survives and multiples without oxygen. Cats’ teeth are tiny and sharp; […]

The Joys And Dangers Of Hiking With Your Dog


It’s no surprise that environmental consultant Ali Baird loves hiking with dogs – she met her husband Nathan in 1995 when he was hiking with his Rottweiler, Ooo. Since then, she’s been hiking throughout the mountains of California and Colorado with canine companions and loving every minute of it. “It’s fun for both of us […]

Your Choice Of Syrup Can Help Save Canada’s Baby Seals!


Every year, the Canadian government allows sealers to beat, skin, and kill hundreds of thousands of baby seals for their fur. Did you know that your choice of syrup may help stop this? Yes, you can help end Canada’s annual war on seals by boycotting a product that is vital to the country’s economy: maple […]